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These beautiful studs are inspired by Pre-Columbian designs and handmade in Bogota, Colombia by a small family business.

Before the arrival of the Europeans to the Ancient Americas there were many long-established and sophisticated civilizations, such as the Inca and the Maya, as well as smaller ethnic groups that developed their own distinctive artistic styles. Pre-Columbian art encompasses the artifacts created by these indigenous peoples from the second millenium BC to the era of the Spanish Conquest led by Christopher Columbus in 1492.


DIMENSIONS: Studs are small ranging from 2-2.5 cm width and 1-2 cm height.

MATERIALS: Gold coated and hypoallergenic with a stainless steel post.


Pre-Columbian Gold Coated Studs 3

  • Avoid swimming with earrings on in saltwaver.
    Avoid contact with perfumes and other sprays.
    Avoid scratching by storing earrings in a safe space.
    Wipe down with a soft cloth and water to clean.
    If deeper cleaning is required, soak in soapy warm luke water for a few minutes and clean with a soft brush.

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